Anaerobic Polymer Glove Boxes



Gloveless Anaerobic Chambers offer the operator a convenient glove-free ability to handle and inspect samples under low oxygen (0-5 ppm) conditions. A special cuff and sleeve-vacuum system allows the operator to work barehanded (or with surgical gloves) inside the glove box. After the operator inserts their arms into the gloveless sleeves, a foot operated sleeve-vacuum system creates an inert atmosphere in the sleeves prior to removing the Arm Port Plugs. This permits the operator's arms to enter the glove box without compromising the anaerobic chamber atmosphere. Tactile efficiency is improved. The Arm Port Plugs are used to seal the glove box while it is idle.

Units operate using a palladium catalyst to remove O2 through a H2 Gas Mix (5%). Equiped with an airlock to establish low O2 conditions prior to transfering samples and instrumentation in/out of the work area.

All Polymer Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber include a built in heating system (up to 40° C) and Glove Box Dehumidifier to maintain proper moisture levels through automatic digital control.

From the two basic glove box styles, choose the design which suits your laboratory volume. Select either the compact, all clear, polycarbonate style with automatic purge airlock, or the larger aluminum glove box available with an automatic vacuum airlock.

Available in:

  • 3 ft. Polycarbonate and Aluminum Glove Boxes (2 glove ports)
  • 4 ft. Polymer Glove Box only (3 glove ports, 3rd glove ports contains a sleeve length glove)
  • 5 ft. Polymer Glove Box only (4 glove ports, all 4 ports are attached to the vacuum sleeve system)
  • 6 ft. Aluminum Glove Box only (4 glove ports, all 4 ports are attached to the vacuum sleeve system)

NOTE: Both Chamber styles have the same depth (24"/62 cm) but the Aluminum Glove Box is taller;

  •  Polymer 24"/62 cm Height
  •  Aluminum 36"/91 cm Height