O2/CO2 Control Glove Box



The importance oxygen levels play in various biological processes is increasingly significant to researchers. To study this requires consistent atmospheric control — maintaining hypoxia, normoxia, hyperoxia, or anoxia to mimic physiological conditions. We offer a complete line of glove boxes and cabinets that enable you to maintain desired levels of CO2, temperature and humidity, along with oxygen control.

Our modular design allows us to configure systems, including custom designs, to meet your needs whether for tissue culture or live animal studies.

Making Choices
Configure a system based on your application. Live animal or tissue culture systems are available that accommodate common accessories for these protocols. If you need to do manipulation within the controlled environment, glove boxes would be the best choice. Cabinets are most often used for short experiments or initial feasibility studies.

Glove Boxes utilize glove ports and an airlock (transfer chamber) to allow access to the chamber interior without disruption of the experimental environment, unlike cabinet or incubator systems.

Cabinets are simple hermetically sealed containers with shelving and a front-loading door, typically used for short-term experiments, dynamic oxygen-cycling studies, placement within standard incubators, or multi-level oxygen studies.

O2 Tissue Culture Glove Boxes typically consist of controls for oxygen, with CO2, temperature and humidity options. Think of these glove boxes as your incubator with gloves. Opening an incubator or working in a tissue culture hood exposes cells to nonexperimental conditions that may affect your results. Remove this experimental uncertainty by performing incubation, culture maintenance, and analysis in the same glove box environment.

Saturated humidity is maintained in a separate humidified box located inside the glove box. An internal dehumidifier maintains the glove box at noncondensing moisture levels allowing instrumentation, such as microscopes, to be used inside the glove box.

Our InVitro cabinets are an excellent solution if you need to control multiple simultaneous O2 levels or desire to add O2 control to your existing CO2 incubator.

O2 Animal Study Glove Boxes allow access to cages and the ability to change food and water quickly and easily while maintaining desired O2 levels. Options include airlocks custom-sized to your cages, humidity control, and gaseous waste removal.

Our InVivo cabinets allow short-term studies where waste removal is not critical. They can be used for longer-term studies when disruption of the controlled enviromnent for animal care does not cause an issue.